I cut my hair!

So it was time. I cut 5 inches off my hair. It is a huge relief and it is also a time to mourn. My hair hasn’t been this short since kindergarten! My hair was extremely damaged from the sun and chlorine, it was breaking off, and it felt completely fried, so I was completely left with no other choice but to cut all my hair off! I absolutely love how it feels and it so thick! I haven’t gotten highlights since the beginning of May and my hair still looks shiny and blonde! If you’re trying to find a new style or your hair is super damaged I really recommend getting a long bob! It’s a super fun cut and very easy to style! Please stay away from the irons and blow driers during the summer. It’s not worth it! Save your hair! I have also included a picture of the shampoos I have been using that have strengthened my hair dramatically! Please use these products if you feel like your hair is damaged! It works tremendously on chlorine damaged hair!

11720382_1123580357657058_609450193_o11713249_1123579517657142_1210560513_o11725102_1123579507657143_1683912105_o (1)  11720217_1123828797632214_1586794661_o11770648_1129727677042326_186228848_o11733662_1123565400991887_554126531_o (1)