The Fear of Summer Hair Damage: Shower Products

We have finally gotten our split ends taken care of, our color corrected, our roots done, our highlights freshened up, and our hot oil treatments to make our hair softer and longer. Nothing can go wrong. Our hair is in perfect condition, but we are wrong. Summer hair damage is a major fear for girls with chemically handled hair. If you are blonde, you’re probably going to start seeing a little green tint in your hair. If you have split ends, you better hurry up and cut them because they will split up to your roots in the summer. If your hair is dry, you’re totally screwed. Hair salons enjoy the summer because of the mass amount of damage it brings. My hair is chemically processed. I have bleached it many times and honestly it did not have that much damage. Now, I have gone to the beach, gone in the chlorine-filled pool, and constantly shampooing, my hair is a brassy tone and looks like pure hay. When my hair does not feel right I feel incomplete. My hair is always something people comment on so I do my best to keep it hydrated, clean, and smooth. (Below is a picture where you can see the texture and status of damage of my hair)  

These are the products I have been using:

1) L’oreal Paris: Advanced Haircare (TOTAL REPAIR EXTREME) 

 I use this product every single day. Yes, It is bad to wash your hair everyday but I cannot stand the feeling of dirty hair. If I choose not to wash my hair I will most likely be putting it up in a bun the next day (which is not my favorite look). This duo helps rejuvenate my hair and bring moisture back. I love the smell and the texture. It really feels like my scalp is clean. The trick to this product is that you should only use the shampoo 3 times a week. When you go in the shower and you washed your hair the day before just put the conditioner in your hair, without shampoo, and leave it in for 5 minutes. In those 5 minutes I usually shave my  legs, wash my face and body so time goes by quickly. My hair usually feels extremely soft and is very easy to brush after my shower. I definitely recommend this duo for people who have stringy, split hair. (Below is a picture of my hair so you can visualize the actually texture) i  

2)  Catwalk by TIGI: Fashionista (violet shampoo) 

 So you died your hair blonde, but you are a natural brunette, you know exactly how I feel about brassiness. Brassiness is like the boogy man of blonde hair. It creeps up on you for no reason. I struggle from mass amounts of brassy tones in my blonde hair. My colorist recommended this product to me. It literally smells heavenly. It smells like male cologne with a flowery background (trust me it smells fabulous). This completely reverses my brassy tones and makes me a frosty, cool blonde and eliminated the reddish tones.

3) AVEDA Color Conditioner

  I usually pair this with the Catwalk Shampoo and they have the same exact effect: frosty, cool blonde. It completely eliminates red tones.

4) REDKEN color extend magnetics (hair mask)

  This product I just recently started using. I love the smells and I love the way it makes my hair feel. I usually leave it in my hair for about 30 minutes. Its a very powerful product on your scalp so I do not recommend using it more than 2 times a week.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have chemically damaged hair, brassy tones, or any hair tips PLEASE comment below! I would love to hear all the things you use so I can try them!