This is the first Serpentine Pavilion I’ve seen in 15 years of its history, in fact every summer a new temporary one is built in Kensington Gardens. Every year, since 2000, the Serpentine Commission gives the chance to an international renowned studio to design their first built structure in England. This year the Pavillon is designed by the Spanish SelgasCano studio.

arkitalker - serpentine pavilion 2015 - london -selgascano

I was a little bit disappointed when I firstly saw it, it almost looks like one of those cheap, colourful play tunnels for kids or it reminds me even of those long soap bubbles with their glowing, changing, bright colours. But maybe nothing can be compared to the 2013 Sujimoto structure, by far my favourite, I wish I could see and experienced it!

arkitalker - serpentine pavillon 2015 - london - selgascanoThe structure is pretty simple, made by a double-layered ETFE skin (a plastic material, the same used for the first time to cover the Olympic Water Cube in Bejing)  with both…

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