Florence, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and Barcelona… oh my!

Today I have finally found the trip I am going to book for fall break! I am using this website bus2alps.com, which was referred to me by a friend, and it is honestly amazing! My trip consists of 6 places and its under $750! That is an amazing price for a trip like that. If you are studying abroad or you’re trying to find a fun (college kid) trip go through bus2alps. My trip is 11 days and it starts on October 22nd! I am super excited because I have been dying to go to all of these places for a long time. Florence just seems like such a romantic place. It is good for pictures, food, and apparently nightlife… I did not know that haha. Amsterdam has been on my life bucket list for as long as I can remember. Me and my friend Isabel have been talking about visiting Anne Frank’s house for years. I also plan on visiting the canals and walking around, shopping. My brother always talked about visiting the Berlin wall so, I thought, “Why not?” I know nothing about Brussels so I am sure it’ll be an awesome learning experience. Paris. Oh Paris. Come on. Who doesn’t want to visit Paris? The Eiffel Tower, the wine, the fashion…and Barcelona. Barcelona is just hands down one of the most beautiful places in the world. The night life. The architecture. The art. I am so excited for this trip.

For more information on bus2alps go to: https://www.bus2alps.com/en/fall/springbreak

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