So it’s coming down to the end of Summer A session for most of us and now it’s our favorite time of the year: FINALS! I have been researching a bunch of different tips and tricks to keep me stress free through finals.

  1. Attend a study session, find friends within your class and study together, Email/Meet with your professor : Trust me these are key to getting a good grade on your finals. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep in contact with your professors. You need to make yourself known to your professor so he/she can pick you out of the crowd and say “that person is motivated”
  2. Make a plan/ Calendar: setting everything up and putting it all down on a calendar has really minimized my stress. Seeing everything laid out on a paper and organizing study times, sessions, test times really made it easy for me to change from one subject to another.
  3. NAP!!!! Napping is extremely necessary for me. If I do not nap in the middle of the day I am guaranteed to fail my exams. Make sure to get sleep during exams, even if you pull an all nighter, try to fit in at least an hour of sleep!
  4. Eat and drink more than sugar products and coffee! Eating properly helps the brain and helps your memory. Eating pasta the day before a test always helps you remember the material.
  5. Turn off electronics. Yes this one is very difficult but you NEED to put your phone away and turn it off, turn off the TV, the music, and maybe take a break from your laptop. These are the main distractions I have when I am studying.
  6. Take frequent breaks! Go for a walk or maybe get coffee/smoothies with a friend. If you cram a lot of information in one sitting, you’re most likely going to forget everything you just read/studied.

Check my RECIPE page for some study snacks and meals