I’m going to London!

So, this upcoming semester (Fall 2015) I will be studying in London! I have never been so excited for something in my life! I have planned multiple mini trips within my London trip already! I will be going to Oktoberfest in Germany and visiting paris for 3 days, and I will probably go to other places but I haven’t planned it all out yet!

Why did I pick London? I picked London mainly because it has always been a place I have wanted to visit. Another reason is that I do not have to learn another language to study there. I also like that you can take the bullet train to multiple cities and countries for super cheap and super fast! You can get to Paris in 3 hours from London for $40.

What classes am I taking? I am taking…

  • The History of London: which is a walking tour of London. This really interested me because honestly I know NOTHING about London or the culture.
  • The History of Fashion this course truly caught my eye because I love fashion. This course will also connect me to different brands and teach me the necessary things I need to become a fashion advertiser.
  • Mass Communications and Journalism
  • Fashion and Media

Where will I be living? In a dorm, unfortunately. I lived in a dorm my freshman year at Auburn, so I have experience living in a dorm.

Who do I know that is going on the trip? NO ONE! If you’re studying abroad you don’t need friends or family in your program! The purpose of studying abroad is learning about a different culture, meeting new people, and learning new things!

How long is my trip? I leave Miami August 31st and come back December 18th!

How much was my program? My program was $17,000 through AIFS study abroad

I am very excited for this opportunity!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!